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also called as like local SEO, local business directory listing, Google+ and a couple more but what that means is optimising your business listing on Google in a way that Google shows your listing on the first page for your business categories. Google places are a very crucial part of Google these days as Google is giving lot of importance to local businesses. Google wants to engage businesses online. You can get your add on top of the first page in a very short time by paying higher cost per click. Cost of a click per keyword depends on the competition of the keyword.It starts from as low as 5 cents and goes to $20+. Traffic depends on your budget.The more traffic means the more money you have to pay. It's faster to gain listings instantly on Google's first page by Pay per Click as it only takes a day or two to set up a PPC Campaign but managing PPC Campaign is the skilled part. You can save a lot of money by paying little bit extra to a professional company for managing your PPC Campaign because only professionals are the one who knows how to run these campaigns effectively and efficiently as you can understand every field has its own in's and out's. These 19 results have been divided into two sides - left and right. Left side which covers approximately 60% space of the page generally consists of 3 or 4 PPC Ads, 7 Google places (depends) and 10 organic listings (almost) whereas right side only has near about 8 PPC Ads as of September 2013.